Medications safe to use during pregnancy

Below is a list of medications that was given to me by my doctor while I was pregnant. I found this list to be very helpful.

Medication safe to use during pregnancy

Headaches, body aches or fever- Tylenol Extra Strength or other
Acetaminophen products.

Cold or congestion- Sudafed or Actified

Cough- Any Robitussin except DM

Nausea- Vitamin B6 50 mg, one tablet 2-3
times a day or Emetrol as directed.

Constipation- Over the counter stool softeners or
laxatives such as Senokot, Metamucil,
Fibercon, Colace or Milk of Magnesia.
Hemorrhoids- Preparation H or Anusol

Indigestion- Over the counter antacids such as
Tums, Mylanta or Maalox.

Insomnia- Benadryl 25 mg, one tablet at bedtime

Yeast infections- Monistat or Gyne Lotrimin cream or

Morning sickness, heartburn and everything else.

I took a pregnancy test that said negative. For a full week after I continued to believe that I had some type of flu. I was sick every morning and I finally decided to go to the doctor. The news that I received was a positive pregnancy test. OMG!! I am pregnant!! I went through the worst case of morning sickness for about 6 additional weeks. I remember getting sick in the car in the morning on my way to work I would say to myself "women are totally crazy for having so many kids". I could not believe that woman would put themselves through this over and over again. I researched many websites and spoke to many people, I found that not all women experience morning sickness. So why me? People say that morning sickness occurs more often when you are expecting a girl. I found this to be 80% correct so far after speaking to many friends and family. I compared those that had girls vs. those that had boys. Some say that its due to an overload of womanly hormones. I can't be to sure though because there is the small majority of woman that have boys and also experience this awful illness.

Now, I am experiencing what they call heartburn. While morning sickness is caused by hormones, so is heartburn. The increased levels of hormones cause your ligments to soften. This makes it easy for food to reflux back into your eshofogus. This will get worse as our babies grow. I have read that pregnant woman with heartburn should stay away from spicy and greasy foods. But, with me even a bannana gives me heartburn. It seems that anything that I decide to eat will give me heartburn. You are limited to only___ per day. Don't let this stop you from taking one to help with the first sign of that burning sensation in your chest and throat. You will get an acid taste in your mouth. Trying to let this pass by will not work. You are better off just taking one. After checking with my doctor, I found that taking __ would not harm the baby.
Don't be one of those who starve themselves.
Try not to eat 2-3 hours before bed time. This has been very hard for me and my 10:00 ice cream cravings. I found that you should prop yourself up with pillows for a few hours if you decide that you do need that late night snack. I have to do this every night. It helps. Believe me.