Baby Hernia

I took Keira for her two month check up and found out that she has hernia in her belly button.
The doctor told me that about 25 percent of all newborns have an "outie", also called an umbilical hernia. She said that sometimes when the umbilical cord heals and falls off, the opening to the abdomen usually closes right away. Sometimes the opening doesn't close, and this causes an “outie” belly button. Hernia usually causes no problems, as long as the baby is comfortable and the area is not tender or extremely swollen. These hernias usually go away by 12 to 18 months, and surgery to close the hole is rarely necessary.

She said to contact her right away if I noticed any swelling, tenderness, or discoloration around the area.

I researched and found that a piece of the baby's intestine can get caught in the opening which can cut off blood flow to the area and require immediate surgery. Watch for vomiting and constipation because these could be symptoms of this problem.

I also found that it may be genetic. This could be true in my case because I had hernia surgery when I was 6 months old

Grocery Coupons

Are you tired of web sites that have tons of coupons for items that you DO NOT use!!! I am..
I did however find a great site that has many coupons for items that we actually do use. In one trip to the grocery store I saved $32 worth from this website. Just to name a few, Green Giant, Gerber, Yoplait, Kellogs, Progresso, Keebler, and so much more.

Letter to my daughter Keira (8 months old)

March 27, 2010


You just turned 8 months old this week. Time really does fly by when you are having fun. I don’t think that daddy and I have ever laughed as much as we have since you have been with us. No matter how tough our life gets, you can always put a smile on our faces. You have brought so much joy to our lives.

I am so happy that I get to stay home with you and watch you grow and develop. You are growing way to fast and doing something new everyday. I have taken so many pictures and short video clips to always help me remember these precious moments.

This month you have mastered crawling and pulling yourself up on things. You have really developed your own little personality. I can see that you are going to be a jokester and are always going to make people laugh. You have a heart full of love and joy to bring others.

I want you to know that daddy and I are going to make sure that you have a great life. You will always come first in our lives. We are here for you always and want you to come to us for anything. Even if you don’t think that we will understand. Because the truth is, we do understand. We have lived our lives and have been through it all.

Life is very tough and you will have to make a lot of decisions. We are here to help you make the right ones and help you through mistakes that you will make.
You will make a ton of mistakes in your life. These mistakes will be made to help you learn and make you stronger. Everyone makes them in their lives. I just want you to always remember to re evaluate the situation that you are in and think of the consequences of your action before doing anything. I say this because some mistakes made by people are ones that can never be forgotten. Forgiven maybe, but never forgotten. You have just this one chance to live your life. Live it to the fullest and always remember to be yourself.

I love you so much Keira. You have completed me in so many ways and are the true love of my life. Daddy and I are so blessed to have you here with us.


Baby Song Lyrics

I spend many hours singing songs to my baby. Most of which I made up as I went. I couldn’t believe how many kids songs that I could not remember. I decided to google the lyrics for Old McDonald had a Farm and found a great website.
This site has about 2000 children song lyrics. I found this to be very helpful and I believe that my baby is happy that I now know the words 