Make use of your baby formula cans. FESTIVE TINS

This Christmas I decided to make use of all of the formula cans I had saved up. I had enough to make all friends and family a tin full of candy and home made cookies. YUM!!

First I took all of the lids and spray painted them with a matching color to my wrap.
Make sure to sandpaper the sides of the lids. Otherwise the paint will chip off.

Next, take off the label and use it as a guide to cut your wrap.

Then wrap the tin and affix with tape. Top with a bow and fill with your goodies. Makes a great gift that comes from the heart.

Total cost = $3.00 for the wrap, $1 spray paint, $15 candy and cookie supplies. Under $20 and I made 16 tins full of LOVE.

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  1. Carrie I'm so proud of you! I stumbled upon your page on craigslist and you gave me alot of great idea's!!! Thanks!!

    Jennifer Sternett